January 31, 2010

Into the glare 4

More more more boosting in Newport.

Hoyer whipping it out.

Harris backside banger.

Hoyer carve.

Chase Wilson slashing it up.

Chase Wilson ender bash.

Moysa pocket whipper.

Harris fanning out.

That's not Chippa!

Or that!

Moysa, classic layback.

I forget who is in there.

I forget this one too.

Harris backside faraway jumper.

Joe Frizzel will snake you.

Bones jetty jump.

Chase Wilson on rocks.

Moysa pushing water.

Bones bah!

Harris beautiful slice!

Bones banging the drum.

Cordell straight up.

Harris extending.

More to come tomorrow!


  1. hey i know this is a longshot since shots are kinda old but do you have a sequence of the backside barrel that is an unknown person?

  2. Not sure, and we probably trashed the clip unless you made it, and it was amazing...

    might have to wait for the newport video.