February 2, 2010

Tasmania 02

So Newport was good for a few weeks and we got a little backed up with what we were posting. So now we're getting back on track. Welcome back to the Tasmania trip. We join the boys at a fun little beach break that became our go-to spot. It suited our crew: Chippa Wilson, Ben Godwin and Thom Pringle nicely. We also had Matthew O'brien shooting photos and his Tasmanian friends, Shaun and Zak showing us around.

Trying to see over the plants to the waves without having to walk all the way down to the beach. Doesn't really work.

Ben Godwin starting things off with this orbital bust.

Chippa trying to touch the island.

Ben thinking one day we'll hike the whole damn beach to find another wave. We did.

Thom Pringle kicking out the zebra.

Chippa waving goodbye to his friends, the fins.

Chippa still landed this.

Don't kid yourself, it was cold. Beach fires are a must.

Ben backside chuck.

Thom does this on the dance floor too.

Elevation is key for checking waves without walking all the way down to the beach.

Ben throwing rotators.

Thom touching his friend.

Thom shuv-it.

Ben out and over.

Back in the day, Chippa got bit by a penguin here, no joke.

Thom kicking it.

Chippa full rotator backside whip.

Chippa's shuv-it.


Ben mini jump.

Coming up soon, these Tasmanian posts won't leave you alone. Just like me and this damn dog.

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