February 9, 2010

Tasmania 3

Since it's Tuesday and Tasmania starts with a T, I figured we could pick up where we left off on our Tasmanian adventures. It's the cool thing to make your posts about the first letter of what day of the week it is right?

We came across this lovely shack with what was suppose to be a nice right hander breaking behind it. It was super fat so we ended up surfing the closeout inside the bay.

Tasmania has insects.

Chippa gets all grasshopperish.

Chippa wants to blow his legs off.

It was a nice hike across what was sure to be private fields.

Ben Godwin promoting his message of F' the cops!

Chippa's got the lien.

Ben looking over.

Chippa down the way.

Thom Pringle getting his.


Chippa kurrupt.

Ben's slob.

The beach was crunchy.

Ben going towards the beach.

Chippa high.

Ben's fields of glory.

Chippa kinda went nuts this session.

Our host, Zak popping one off.


MOB looking good.

A little Shores love.

Hitting pine cones with sticks proved a worthy game.

Tasmania is weird.

Home is where the fire is.

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