January 26, 2010

Lower street batch 3

Final, 3rd part of the photos from over there in Newport.


Jordy and an unlucky spectator.

Che Stang.

Joe Alani.

Brett Simpson.


Spencer Pirdy.

Jordy, a little late.

Spit means like.

Tube time.

Simpo slash.

Green board oops.

Tito again?

Che Stand carve.

Damien Fahrenfort.

Balram Stack or something.

Damien Fahrenfort. Not even close, but the right idea.

Holy Scott Baldwin!

Randal Taylor.

Jordy boosting.

Hmm... I forget.

Another Jordy blast.

Joey Head's bomb!

Jordy going the other way.

Jordy man tap.

Jordy snapping for a buddy.

If you're looking for more photos of this swell: Here's PART 1 and PART 2
More Newport action to come tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. Nice pics. Lugo! What a rare combo of elements coming together in Newport, except the crowd. Glad I was able to pick off a few from the pack, being a second class wave rider. Cheers! John P.