January 18, 2008

More blackies action!

More action from Blackies. I think this was last week. Right before sunset. I left early to go to Morton's steakhouse. Nice place, but not sure about the price. Anyone that orders the double-cut of prime rib is gross....a huge hunk of pink meat, ugh!
Ronny's jump.
Unknown grom relaxation-float.
That end section in the middle really likes alley-oops. Hoyer gives it what it wants.
Hoyer's lien.
Hoyer and the mini reverse.
Spencer and the alley-oop dance.
Cordell slash.
Unknown slider.
Todd Miller.
Victor Dome-piece tells me this is Nick Fowler.Victor can juggle.
Bones rotating.
Bones does snaps the wrong way.
Ronny gets neck cramps.
But he still loves showing people his third eye.
Hoyer's varial.
Hoyer does turns sometimes too.Ronny loves to do kung-fu kicks.
The landing ratio might not be too high...
But in this school, we give A's for effort.

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