January 22, 2008

Creeper in the bay!

Took a ride in Tupman's new ride, Creeper. Headbutt would argue that it should be Creeper II, but we'll let the man name his own boat whatever the hell he wants. Whatever the case, it can catch a mean wake and slam harder than salami. Those under 100 lbs should heed my warning; the Creeper will launch your ass.
Important to remember, safety first.
just hanging out. example 1
just hanging out. example 2.
grasshopper? bronto-roadkill?

Somewhere in between the beauty of the daytime moon, the yellow-clear skies
and the handsomeness of Joe Alani was
A maniac named Tupman, barking like a seal and hopping the wake...
repeated shuv-it offender.
The about-to-fall pose.
Spectacular face planing.
Smiles were brought on.

Nothing much else to say except the video that goes along with this day is hilarious and i'll post it soon. Basically man + speed, seal buoy, wipeout = goodtimes. oh yeah +booze.
This one's for the hippies!

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