January 20, 2008

New Years in Africa

So all of us have been pretty active at ShoresCrew these last couple months. Kinda amazing huh...I think we've put up more updates these last few weeks than we have like ever. It must be this new high-tech blog...haha...Lugo's busy testing out the new cool version of the ShoresCrew site with his gimpy left hand. We just need those pesky Indians to fix what needs a fixin'.

And we haven't just been busy updating the site. We've been getting some travel on. Mammoth, Africa, Mexico, Europe, Ecuador, Florida, Caribbean...we're going global bitches...here's some more party pics from Durban, South Africa...so what if you don't know these people or not...they have lives too...and some have nice looking boobies...

The booze situation is basically a pot-luck

They called this crap yucca

I'm sure Travis Logie's Dr would be stoked to see him riding his moto skate

Clowning around in the pool with Craig

Don't mess with Gold and karaoke. He used to do musicals.

Brothers Logie couldn't beat Gold

Future Ms. Travis Logie (left) and friend

Kelly making sure this is the alcoholic kind

Yep...this'll do

Great...now the whole party will get herpes

It's puff puff pass Laz

Rudy busting out the Zulu dances for the New Year

Seriously, whats up with foreign dogs and bad teeth?

Milf Lisa displaying a couple shot glasses

Down the hatch biatch

Great...a rasta terrorists is lighting the fireworks

But they sure are pretty

A whole lotta lips

Laz likes to force booze Mr. and Mrs. Dane Logie

After enough tequilla, fires just start all over the place

Blurry moments with Jose and friends


This chick tried to throw herself at Jordy, but she failed

Apparently Jordy is getting used to the paparazzi...check his pose there in the shadows

Zulu dancers just bust out whenever they feel like it

In 2010, soccer fans will be filling these stadiums

Fun people...fun times

Creeping in the front

You only have to be 16 to get in clubs in SA...birthday girl on left and crew

Joelene and friend showing their sexy eyes

Joelene flashing

This is a nice little tequilla shot sequence: 1 of 3

2 of 3

3 of 3

Last shot before the camera broke

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