August 7, 2010

Demolition Derby!

For the 3rd year in a row we had a taco man catered picnic in a lovely Costa Mesa house before rallying to the Demolition Derby at the OC Fair. Arnette loves tacos/destruction and mayhem so they helped us out big time with some shades, beers and tacos.

An adventurous group made the trek to Costa Mesa on bikes!

Twas a good ride.

And the pay off was good, shade and drinks.

Thanks to Mallory Bri for having us in her lovely yard.

White lattice makes us look very respectable!

We were hoping this....

Wouldn't lead to this! Skawinski took a digger!

Chairs are for the thinking man.


What a relaxing day it was!

So peaceful that Alan took a little nap with his baby.

This is the house of my old math teacher!

Then it was on to the Demo Derby!

The peeps!
The mayhem!
Arnette sporting!
people like destruction.

smashy smashy

The winner!
Then off to enjoy the fair and perhaps Blue Oyster Cult or the hypnotist

Tasha is happy with a full beer.

Omar has never looked better...
Except maybe here! :)
Thanks to everyone who came out and big thanks to Arnette!

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