July 26, 2010

Grand American Pub Crawl

The day had arrived, the Arnette/Shorescrew Pub Crawl.

Things started off nice and early at The Alley.

Returning soldiers have purple coozies.

Morning time is rough.

If you started the day with white eyes, they wouldn't stay that way for long!

The Pub Crawl started at The Alley around 11am, and was attended to by only the most hardened veterans and associates.


Some of us went light on our morning drinks, and some of us got whiskey. That wasn't thinking ahead...

Wire aviators in the morning, check.

Beandip in the Blowout.

Then someone ate a Chinese beetle, and it was time to leave.

After The Alley we house partied for chili dogs, and picked up a whole 'nother crew of drinkers.

To clear up our Grand American theme, the math works something like this.


What's Alan thinking... ?

Flashing from the back.

Burch grilling it up for us.

Tasha made amazing chili to put on top!

Burch had a fun day.

Current stop.

Jason Harris made it!

Top view..... "the castle" hah!

Then the stickers came out.

And ended up places they should.

And other strange places.

Alan helping with placement.

High Life.

Alan hosing off, and Little D.
Some of the crew who made it to The Cannery, and yes they might be lesbians.
Thanks to Charlie Hustle we had a wonderful time!

This is about 3 hours into drinking.
Then something, maybe Vodka started to pour down from the heavens!
This made everyone happy!
and then strange!
And then cross-eyed.
One way to keep em quiet!
Happy times!

At this point we gave up on taking photos, and just took video.
Malarkys was a mess as you could imagine, we had a dance party with no music, harassed everyone walking by outside and then went and jumped Lido bridge. Check back for the video soon! Big thanks to Arnette and all the bars who didn't ban us for life!

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