July 2, 2010

Analog's PLA Photo Show

If you aren't firmiliar with Analog's PLA program, get with it! They have an amazing compilation of photos and they were all on display last week at the Shorebreak hotel in Huntington Beach. The opening night party was a industry-studded affair.

The Shorebreak hotel.

Art show people.

PLA book lovelys.

Beandip and Moysa.

Mo Grease cracking up because Tiffany on the left, knock a picture off the wall.

Said picture being replaced, unbroken...

The bar.

Upstairs view.

Hawaii groms.

Kamalei smiles.

Hoyer and meeks.

Did you get a book?

Arto and Sticky.

Arto signing autographs.

After party swankiness

Ricky Romance was in the air.

Free Hugs!
Click here for more photos!

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