August 10, 2010

Audible Mainframe @ Hurricanes in HB

Wow... Huntington Beach.... In honor of a million reasons we joined forces with and Pascal's Freedom Artists to rock out on the dirty light-up dance floor that is Hurricanes.

banners for days on Main st. in HB during the us open.
A whole load of people showed up for the party. Nice to see, since 50 other parties with corporate funding were happening at the same time.
Benji and Chippa came out for the night. Is that Pete Musio psyching in the back!?
Girls with cellphones were there.
Audible Mainframe was amazing. This is a live show I highly recommend.
Sean Moody were there, budlight in hand.

Pascal and some better halfs.
girls with hand bags.
Chippa, before apparently walking home.


Some serious moves went down on the floor, with some awkward men watching on.

Audible Mainframe.

Pascal, Moysa and Adam have a beer.

Omar put his head down so he could be full speed ahead.


My word!

Tim rocking it. Check this shirt out!
"They were this big!"

Pete Musio missing the mark.


Doheny and Chase.

Alan scaring meeks.



Tom has been working out.

Feeling it.

He has short hair and extensions that are made of her hair.

Charlie Brown and some friends.


Thanks for the pics Jena!

Omar and Jarnold drop some knowledge on each other.

How many mouths are open here?

In the words of Madsteez, here are some "naughtys"

Hi Five Princess!

We basically got weird on the dance floor until, oh I dunno people tried to walk home to newport from huntington, slept in their cars or went back to hotel rooms and whispered nothings until the sun came up. Whatever your outcome, thanks to everyone who left our bubble to go to another bubble. Thanks to Freedom Artists, Audible Mainframe, DJ Brad Rockwell and even Hurricanes!


  1. after chippa told me his story it all made since ..i remember taking a nap in front of the smoke stacks in the ivy then we got a cab and he droped me off and went back to lugos ...what a night..