April 26, 2010

Comune art show

We went up the road to The Comune art show to support our favorite little Hill Dweller, Ben Brough and although it was the end of a llllong weekend, we had a great time. I took these shitty photos with my phone.

The place was filled with a refreshing hipsters and free PBR.

I love Satan and I love varnish!

Did that hurt?

We had to call Hoyer to come over and peep this Satan art.
Then he had to speed-dial Satan himself and tell him to come check it out.

I feel like I've seen this a few times.

Ben Brough's only piece in the show. He banged this beauty out in only 3 days!
That's fuckin voodoo.

Alex Knost, getting a rest in on Ben Brough's comfy shoulder.


Hoyer getting close to Modern Collective.

Time for this skull baby to take a nap!

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