April 5, 2010

Sticky in Japan 2 - plus photos

Sticky tries to find the Tokyo Volcom store to setup his part in the "I AM SNOWBOARDING" artshow to celebrate the life of Jeff Anderson.... he also gets lost, and hangs with snowboard/art heavies Jamie Lynn and Brian Iguchi

Sticky had the chance to travel to Japan for the "I am Snowboarding" art show to commemorate the life of JLA. Sticky met up with our Japanese ambassador Tetz! and rocked Tokyo while doing some street art and hanging with snowboard heavies like Jamie Lynn.

Sticky hot off the plane and right into the mix.

Me, Jamie Lynn, Mike Perillo and Brian Iguchi in front of the gallery hosting the art show.

Sticky with some art fans.

The Gallery.


Temple stuff.

More masks, giving away. Masks are happy to have!
Sticky street art.

Tetz's home town and friends, fans and "The King" front and center in the RVCA hat.

Sticky piece in the Volcom store.

Sticky's tag and Jamie's tag (the cat).

This guy was giving out masks....Are there germs coming in?

Jamie's piece in the Volcom store.

Sticky painted this by the Volcom ramp.

Going into the VCO store.


Sticky taking a break.

Prayers at the temple.

Cheers at the club! Tetz favorite place.

Mt. Fuji

Business men checking out Kelly Slater's feet.

Sticky signing fans.

Jamie Lynn is loved.

Art Sticky made for Tetz's friend.

The best looking art show venue ever!


Sticky's last day. "Where's the beach?"

Sticky and JLA's mom, Jane.

Check out Sticky's PART2 coming up!

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