April 12, 2010

Mammoth adventures

Finally went up to Mammoth to visit Captain, Tyson and slide some snow.

The ride up was fun. Personal bottle of whiskey make it so.

We went and hung with Jarnold, who has some deliciously amazing BarenJager. I recommend finding it, and drinking it.

But not too much because you will end up on the floor, like Jarnold here.

The girls made us wonderful tacos!

They nursed Arnold back to life and he put his wig back on.

We went and saw Captain at work, Sushi Rei.

He made serious shots for us.

He makes money there.

And lots of shots.

Tyson works close by too.

This is what Tyson's work looks like haha.

"If I got get some respect around here, I will tear this place apart!"

Shots for everyone in the bar!

Everyone liked this.

Especially the staff. Don't worry the restaurant was closed.


We woke up early feeling great and hiked 3100 vertical feet.

Captain all colored up.

Hiking to Sherwins.

Top of the mountain.

We met a dog there too. I really wanted to watch him go down the mountain.

Ahhhh... this was a lot of fun.
Until next time Mammoth...

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