August 18, 2008

Our 2nd Annual Angel Game Bike Mission!

Once again it was time for our Angels Bike Mission! This is where a bunch of us get together and party for a couple hours, then ride bikes (mostly beach cruisers) from Newport Beach, To Angels stadium in anaheim! THen we watch some baseball (sorta) and ride back! (25 miles round trip) This always leads to all sorts of adventure and mayhem, Last year we rode out with 43 people, but this year the pack doubled to 87!!! 87 drunks on a 12 mile bike ride is just nuts, especially if you're actually there. As usual there were several falls, a few break downs, several incidents with security, and about half the group was removed from the property by about 7th inning. Both years we've had 1 peson actualy goto jail. A little mnore than half the group got the pride of saying they made it back, there would have been more but like 10 of them rode bikes to a strip club to make it an extra special trip. Oh yeah, and the angels won... So round two didn't dissapoint and was even wilder and more ridiculous than the first ride. The thought of an even larger group next year is a bit scary, but ask anybody who went, they cant fuckin wait! So many incidents didnt get photographed, but heres some of the ones I ended up with:

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

Put the banner up straight - Then decided to make it crooked...

The early birds started the beirut and a few bikes piled up.

Then a few more biikes piled up and I got out the megaphone!

People ate their Big Belly Deli and got boozy

These shades were later used to identify hoodlums - Captain squawkin

We even had an air compressor and tony from chicago bike on hand!

The street got blocked so the cops came... and we took a picture with them!

First stop: Liquor store!

Where we bought booze for the trail and some "anti-poleez"

And were off! - Meeting up on the trail.

I stopped to make a speech or something.

Droolers and dirt mounds

Me and my flock - dirt mounders

alan... can you see him pee on the right photo?

people went down into the river

which led to a crash!

Pee Break

On the last mile...

Things started to get weird...

and people fell down.

We made it! - The seats when they were still full

watch in these pics how the seats start to thin out...

Mainly because were maniacs and were constantly getting kicked out...

By these guys... - Rounding everyone up after the sweep.

Using alan's pee spot - while i brought more supplies!

We even stopped to play a little golf!

Mayhem in the river...

riding back - who needs a tire?

the last posse...

Telford jogged back... he is manly...

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