August 16, 2008

Some Newport Swell

blowing it.


Beeson is still styling.

He even got tubed!

Bones got more tubed though.

Doheny did backside whips.

And scenic frontside perspective kicks.

Mike Estrada getting tubed, under a watchful seagull.

Hoyer in angst. 

Hoyer circumventing gravity.

Jesse Merle Jones is squatting for free.

Lopi and the mid morning smooch.

Lopi jogging.

Lopi slash.

Marshall's sacktap.

Moysa is crazy.

Still crazy but quite in form.

Moysa got tubed, duh.

Moysa tucked in and driving.

Still crazy though.

Nathan Fletcher jumps.

And rock n rolls...

Sick wave, completely blown.

Todd Kline, Stubbies Pro.

Vannester snarl!

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