August 19, 2008


So after The US Open on saturday we relaxed a bit and conversed how things couldnt get much weirder. Oh how we were wrong...

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

Started at a friends house for a few cocktails.

There was booze wearing hats and drinking with cats!

There were happy Faces and blurry places...

K, no more rhyming... - To 39th bring out the banana suit!

We made things weirder and shoes got much more interesting...

To the saloon! - The Suit comes off!

Wahoo! - Like a hermit crab the banana found an new host

Nolan found his long lost dad! Jeff! - Then his shirt exploded agin!

You do what the banana tells you! - Nolan sitting in his own urine...

Back to 39th to find Pascal and Quirk , Yet another hole in the wall...

some backsides and sleeping drunks

We opened up the beachball that mornin (6am) Then we got some alta and I managed to get an open container ticket (handle) at 940 am... Its amazing we even made it to the playboy surf party that night (coming up next!)

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