August 25, 2008

Playboy Surfboards Launch Party!

Playboy Surfboards had their launch party in HB at the Blackbull Chop House.
There was free booze, free food and a few girls.... maybe more.


Playboy surfboards owner, Johnny boy, killing it.

Doheny with some usual.

Captain danced his pants.

Hoyer is smiling!

After the playboy party we went back to the volcom house.

More on that frightening event later....

Ben is a legend.

Well ain't that just the cutest thing.

If Lugo fell overboard, with his new friends, he would float.

Quirk, Spencer and Lugo.

Captain stumbles upon some loving in progress.

Quirk finds a girl who can dance..

"Stay away random drunk guy....."

Volcom House!


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