August 13, 2008

And then it became... an ALL NIGHT DANCE PARTY!!!

In the post below, Lugo speaks of a normal night, turned bachelorette party, turned to madness! Yet another milestone of this summer in the looney bin! Here is some more from that night as seen from my perspective, that continues on until dawn and beyond!

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

The Night started out with samurai swords...

chopping off bottle necks!!! - Then Bedroom Takeovers!

Notice the sleeping girl who was recently sleeping peacefully - Bachelorette chix!

Whats a party with out a big brown dong cake? - Just the Tip...

Pirdy Gives A Lap Dance - Then Off to Saloon where this is the first thing I see!

Lopi Brought The Pickle - Tyson did Gymnastics.

Which Were Hilarious!

At this point Lugo and Tyson made their way home (See post before) but Lopi and I had other plans. I got a phone call claiming "Dance party, My House, 3am, bring beers, I got chicks." WHo could turn that down? On our way there we got pulled over by the cops, who wanted to give us a BUI (bicycling under the influence!) But just like in the movies, they got a more important call and took off! We get to the house, and sure enough, an impromtu dance party broke out at about 330am. When it got to about 430am, someone shouted out, "We're dancing till the sun come up!" many accepted the challenge, but only 5 made it. Observe:

About 3am, It begins...

Shirts Came off... The pickle remains!

Borderline! - Lopis got the moves...

Not a bad way to pass out - This guy... Doin some sort of china tribute...

Sunrise! - We made it! Keep drinking!

The true partiers, rock out till the suns out!

We had kind of lost our minds...

Wally Made it too! - So did the pickle!

The cops showed up at 730 am, we were still dancing, i was drinking a handle of jack clemmie a bottle of wine. and then the wonderful moment when Lopi says right to the cop "You know you're jelous!"

830 am

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  1. Damn you killed this night,
    best photo is the the last one.
    10 points for that!