August 11, 2008

sunny days

Just happened upon some swell with a few friends.
Fun waves, sunny days, good times.

Danny Fuller turning back towards town.

Fuller's friendly pop.

all smiles.

Pascal and his friend, who is a cripple.

Pascal jumps.

Pascal and a legit alleyoop.

Pascal on track.

Pascal patiently waiting.

Pete Mussio threw this air right over some kids head.
Look close there a person under his spray.  

Click it to enlarge it and look close! duh.

Pete doing what sometimes needs to be done.

Pete's layback kick!  He pulled this too.

If Pete has a signature air, from what i've seen... this is it.

that doesn't mean he's against full rotations though.

slidey reflection. oh water, what wonders you give!

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