August 19, 2008

Shirt Exploding Saloon Mayhem!

So after rockin out at the Volcom house, several of us headed over to the Balboa Saloon. There must have been something in those tacos cause things got really wild really quick. Clothing was spontaiously combusting! madness!

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

We showed up and started getting wild.. and drunk!

When all of a sudden nolan's shirt exploded! - no one seemed to notice...

But I thought it was wild! - it scared walter so he hugged morgan...

Then it happened to morgan! Darrel was pissed!

Bam! Bam! Two more! - The Patrons were getting scared

Then it happened to pirdy and he fainted!

It blew alan's mind! - the drink will save us!

Finally things calmed down a bit and peace was restored

Toga! toga! - he's turned on...

Side note: After this night Rod and Jeff stated that they will no longer replace exploded T-Shirts for free...

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