August 4, 2008

Summer Solstice... Tug... Emerald Bay... Best Day EVER!!!

I think it was 9pm the night before when some hills had an idea. Wonderful weather, warm clear water all on the first official day of summer... Lets take out the Tug! Brilliant!
After a hard night of drinking we loaded the thing up with people and booze around 11am. With Carson as our captain and Morgan as our host, we drifted off into the paradisaical mess that is Emerald bay. This turned into one of the best days of most of our wet n wild lives. Here are just a few of the pics:

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

Morgan:"...Just don't drink gary's booze!" - Captain Carson

Greg "Why are we in reverse!?" Byers - Stern People

Powers, Pirdy - Palm

ANd The We Saw Porpoises Playing

And everyone wanted a photo! - Or a peek

Spring Break Spence and Crazy Carter - Host Hill

Roof Riders - Dudes

Polluting. - And we're anchored!

Hern! - Flip Time!

Gainers and Girls!

There are many ways to swim and drink beer at the same time...

almost... - Loungin

Ryan Lopi.........................................Joe Ca-mel!!!

Beer distribution - The Robert Club


Telford is fukkin manly, and out comes the zinka!

Pink Zinc!!!

Darrel - To Shore We Go!

For Waves! and aquatic drinking games!

"surfing" and bobbing for beer cans!

Success! - Failure!

The Sum-it-all-up Shots!


Jet Ski Beer run and...... they fell off...

Restocking the beer...

It was down to coronitas, and a fight for the last non-O'douls Beer!

So out came the Handle-o-Captain

boozin and bronzin

Thank you for asking nicely, that changed everything.   (ps: this was too much fun not to)   Gorman...

Life is good...

Tie-offs and pissed off drunk jetski chicks

Crazy carter lovin it, and a shout-out to reelpangas!

Somethings wrong with this picture... Spring Break!!!

Bikini Malfunctions and cooler attacks!

Awake! - Asleep!

and my camera died on this one. What a day...

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