February 7, 2008

Blackies sunny west

Surffffffff thing photos to look at.
Hoyer approaching.
Look at how many faces are staring at him...
Expecting. Wanting. Leave the man alone.
Is the photographer allowed to say such things?
No pressure, buddy.
Hoyer's backside slinger with a few more spectators.
Bones launching.
Does anyone use this section and not fall?
Erica Hosseini.
Hoyer's twinkle-spin.
Someone's going faster than someone else...
Spencer was so impressed by this backside snap,
He had to come in close for a hi-five.
Springbreak gets up around 2 o'clock.
Hoyer banking around 30th.Bones and the pizza toss.
The danger-cutty.
This could've ended really cool, but it didn't.
Neither did this, bones is stupid.

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