February 14, 2008

Ms. WaveHouse Durban

This is for you lonely Valentines Day people...actually this is for all you people that actually check this site out. The WaveHouse down in Durban runs an annual beauty pageant. Now it's not a sleaze feast that is WaveHouse San Diego's Beanies and Bikinis, it's like an actual pageant with real questions and the judges select not only on looks, but personality and smarts. Yeah...right...enjoy you pervs...cause I sure did...

Which one?


interesting top

I got nothing

the legal age down there is 16

I watched her devour like 20 donut holes right before she got on stage

they're giggling about the hot camera guy over in the corner

thinking hard about the tough question and answer segment

getting all political on us

check the girls in the back...if I could add thought bubbles they'd all say something witty

she actually had a guy holding a fan in front of her the whole time

strutting it in front

c'mon...the judges like the wedgie effect

polka dots can make me dizzy

yep...still dizzy

pretty smile

I like being dizzy

isn't 23 Micheal Jordan's number?

getting creepy from beneath the stage

3rd place

3rd and 2nd place

3rd, 1st, 2nd

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