February 18, 2008

54th street - sunny tubes and airs and crap

Random grom snap.
Hoyer's skull cuts his teeth on some foam.
Joelani slash.
Joe like cutback. Ho.
Atwater grom blaster.

Brillhart cutting back and looking sweet in his red getup . Brillo hack.
Doheny does these tail blasts and basically never falls.
He also is neither scared nor impressed when you try and do turns in his face.
Even more so because you usually fall.
Doheny lets his fingers be his guide. That's creepy.
Another blaster.
Sometimes Doheny makes believe he's on the dance floor.
Hoyer's face is unnecessary at times.
A sprockin slash.
Hoyer's full rotator.
Mini - snap.
I just thought the water reflection was cool.
Hoyer's varials.
There were a few tubes this day and Hoyer got a good one.
One more air slash thing.
Random guy got a sneaker.
Teddy Navarro and his banger.
Look at brillo out there, looking all sweet in his red suit.
Teddy kept getting knee high reforms and kicking their ass.
Roundo roundo.
Another Teddy swoop.
Hosseini cutty.
Victor Dome Piece.
Victor Dome Alone.
Victor Dome Da Dome Dome
Victor Dome'd.

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