February 22, 2008

Spring Break Spencer's 21st

Not that anything really changes but Spring Break Spencer actually turned 21. So now I guess he's legally allowed at bars. Also he gets his job back as a drink slinger, he was once on the other side of the bar until they found out he wasn't 21. He is so good at pouring they let him come back after he took care of those nasty younger months. moths. moths eat your clothes and the alternative to them eating your clothes is moth balls, but then your clothes smell so bad (and like grandma) you wouldn't want to wear them anyway. Like Captain's dad has said, "have you smelled moth balls? HA, how did you get their little legs apart!?"Spring Break.
Guatto is relaxin.
Dog-slobber tennis ball mark.
Dog likes mexi beer.
See no evil.
beer cheer.
Tounge out.
pout. happy. pose.
same. same. same.
Rich and Spring Break.
"Get outta here!"
Drink slinger.
so happy.

post note: the pictures don't accurately depict the night as I had missed calls from Spring Break up until 6:45 AM. Good work boys.

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