February 25, 2008

30th st - sunny boostings.

Some fun waves out front again.It's been a long day when asian people are giving God the finger.
This slide is sleazy.
Hoyer says this lad is called Cam.
Doheny is stoked!
Doheny's backside whip.
Hackman threw one up.
Hoyer blew this because he could've landed and just ran the guy over, or landed and jumped onto the guy's board.... Oh the possibilities! Don't be scared, surfing can be a contact sport.
Hoyer and the loft.
Hoyer looking planted backside.
Hoyer's hokie-pokie air.
Skull blur.
Kung-fu kick.
What letter is he going for?
Mo getting his son ready for a career in shredding.
Smiles all around.
Moysa is angry at water.
The water will jump, it just waits for Moysa to tell it how high.
I don't think Moysa even realizes how close he is to pulling something like this.
Come check out the footy.
Speed floater.
Norman about to blast.
Norman does under the lip slashes and french kisses the water when he thinks no one can see.
Creepy gerbil hands.
Beeson going up.

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