July 25, 2008

Gettig Gnarly in Nicaragua Pt. 1

Straight off a 30 something hour stint on a plane from Bali, I washed a couple tank tops and hopped onto a red-eye flight to Nicaragua. Already on the flying machine and smelling like Central America were the Franks brothers (Stevie, Danny, and Dustin), my brother Grant, and Santa Cruz solo mission man Steve Thomas. Once we got there, we were immediately pulled over by la policia. Laughter and porn were exchanged before we got stopped another mile down the road. Now completed depleted we charged down the dirt roads and forged rivers to get to our destination. I'd show you the waves we surfed, but I uploaded these ones instead. Those pics will come soon. I promise. But in then mean time, if you are thinking about getting some warm barrels down there, you can hit up the boys at NicaSurfing.com They're a cool bunch of guys with local knowledge down there. And if you want to keep it all in Newps, stay at the Giants Foot surf camp with Chapin Krueter and Jack Yusefari (sorry if I hacked your name). These loc dawgs have the whole boat thing dialed. And they have topless chefs.

Not the best sight to see while you're flying

Smoking 'canoes are cool

Never ever pee into the wind

Blow out on a scooter

Danny quickly learned that photogs belong in the back with all their crap

Grant putting out the fire

Pool volleyball and pool chess

Floridiot Posner pulls some local pussy

Bubby pulls pussy with his headgear and that blue steel glare

Steve Thomas' longboards are much easier to travel with when they are like this

Pretty pink sky heading over to visit Chapin at the Giants Foot surf camp

Topless chefs serve up the goods over there

Don't worry. Chapin can actually drive a boat.

Macro shots are rad
You gotta click on this shot so you can get a good look at his boots and backpack

It was a sick setup to come back to after getting shacked for hours

The pad from the front

Grant like to ride funky shaped pieces of foam

Gittin' sum R&R

I advise against hooking up with the locals

How Dustin truly feels about the world

Sweet boogie trophies and the local booze

Grunt earned those beads the hard way

Why is there always some bikini clad girl dancing on tables south of the border?

Girl surf camp owner Ashley invites the bar to her pad for the after party

Steve displays his enthusiasm at the after party

Dustin displays his enthusiasm for smoke sticks

Rubbing elbows with Carrot Tops sister

She's got her own tricks
As good of a hat rack as any

Who really needs pants when watching sports center anyway?

Relaxing between sessions

This windmill was in the middle of nowhere

Sniper vision

The boys behind www.nicasurfing.com

Rob Machado's school of riding non-traditional boards

Room mate

People can't seem to stay on these things

Big Steve all tuckered out

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