July 18, 2008

some good 54th.

There's been some really fun days in newport lately.

andrew doing his kick.

Even Beandip got to stuff himself.

Bones and Daniel have a strange relationship.

Here's some more of their antics together.

Daniel can boost when he's left to himself.

Frontside booster by Daniel.

Might have missed the shot on this one...

Andrew takes his kick act to a larger canvas.

Kinda like the lead-off shot, and kinda different.

Must be nice to get tubed in front of your house.

Andrew goes both ways. Just like Bones & Daniel.

Duddy snap!

Duddy kick!

Duddy laydown.

Duddy get up and spin around.

Ford is going the wrong way.


Yeah alright.

Hoyer lays down the backside slasher.

Hoyer's indy. indie.

Hoyer also goes the wrong way.

Kirk Blackman!

Larry hiding.

Loppi boosted too. Twinkle toes style.


Moysa hates some waves sometimes.

Nicoli driving.

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