July 30, 2008

Things Got Weird, So I Got Weirder...

So continuing on the wild summer antics theme, I am reminded of night that started out like any other night, and then got really REALLY weird. Started out watching the lakers lose, next thing we know its a 4am jacuzzi party with naked girls and me in ridiculous costumes. In fact i can't even post most of the photos, these are just some of the tame ones:

(click on photos to make them bigger, especially if downloading)

After the Lakers Failed Miserably...

We went to Cassidy's For Some Pool

and to Hang out with G-Tron

when we saw the ravages of age first hand

she liked jake


she liked everybody!

Doho was mind boggled...

So we took a cab

To Lopi's House!

to hang out in the jacuzzi...

It started out normal

then things got a little naked

then things got a little weird...

then things got very weird and very naked!

I didnt have any boardies

So i figured this outfit will do!

Check out those boots...

who has these things at their house?


With Guns!

Soon after this greg shot morgan in the open eyeball. Greg offered a retaliation punch to the face, which morgo gladly took. Video to come later...

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