July 10, 2008

Just another Wed night.

Have a drink with shorescrew. . .
(PARRTY @ Malarky's)

These photos are in chronological order, so according to the theory of partytime, they should get better as we go. Click em, they get bigger! woo!

It was party time and thanks to Volcom, Analog, Gravis, Von Zipper, Vestal, Ocean&Earth and Malarky's we were able to make it all possible. With product to entice people to do ridiculous things and a nice hunk of bar money from Volcom and Coors we knew we had a good time ahead of us. Not to mention, complete maniac DJ Wade was imported from his cave in LA to make sure we cut the rug appropriately.

A simple concept. Warpaint yourself, get free stuff.


Let's begin, from the beginning.

Nancy Scanner.


Flip cup maddness.

Throw darts at people faces we don't like to win stuff.

Ben is a legend.

Party people.


Nobody listens any more.

Happy birthday time!


Purple's a good color.

This made the floor really slippery and besides moonwalking, some girl went down face first.

Flip cup. These girls are pros.

L for loser.

Wattson won some shades.

DJ Wade.

Craft paper jungle.


"give me the spiral!"

No warpaint for them.


Randy & Casey O'neal. Randy looks like he's 14 again.

DJ Wade and Sticky.



Hippie shit.

This girl must be 7 foot.

Make out sesh on the right.

Tuppy is open ocean pirate.

unibrow action.

Decorations on decorations.


Drippy Wattson.

Neck tats are hard.

Chest pieces are easy.


Meow face.

Giant invisible cocks that apparently even Tits wants a part of.

Over capacity? pssshhh...

We're both models.

We're both maniacs.

More invisible what?

Dance party.



Makeout sesh!

It was kinda loud in there...

Innocent booby pawing.

Gold's still at it...

Captain No Good Spring Break Spencer.

Day at the Derby, Tupman, Captain.

OG dance floor action.

Now that's just being selfish.

Equal rights in action.

Slip it to her.

The Cool Kids are here.

Tits and ...who?

Nolan did it for LA all night long.

Kick your legs up and relax lady.

Hod will eat your hair.

Malarky's aftermath. The Cops broke up the bar. When does that ever happen?

Parking lot party.

SHORESCREW beef sandwich tonight.

Our friends like Jack.

And.....Jager too.

Slumber Party.

Girl down.

Wear Von Zipper, don't get arrested.

POV of the girl from the below photo.

"But my uncle is a cop."

Not done yet.

The real drinkers still went to Cassidy's later.

thanks to everyone who contributed photos!
tits, tuppy, erin, captain, lugo, gold, sticky