August 30, 2007

Will Shit's Bday

His birthday was a little while ago, but he's such a good little shit kid, we just have to show some love anyway. Everyone showed up at Will's house; many dressed in a white shirt with a denim pocket in high praise of Will's favorite shirt who always wears. Maddness ensued at his house until the kegs ran dry and the bottles were broken. Then it was time for the ultimate Sally Rally, and nessecary group photo. good thing too because Will lives on top of a hill and on the way down there was a terrific bike accident. The girl on the right of the group photo, rode on Alan's handle bars (first mistake) down the hill and a sideways running drainage ditch fucked up their whole deal. Rumor has it she went face first and spent the rest of the summer hiding in doors. Happy Birthday Will Shit.

1 comment:

  1. it was the girl in the front of the group photo. and she got pretty banged up..the funny part is i am writing this the day after knee surgery because of the bike accident which is going to leave me crippled another few months ...well i guessed she gets the last laugh