December 23, 2008

Newport on the rock.

I've gone as far as the Mentawai Islands
 and seen goddamn people from Newport Beach. 
Our town is small and as much as you'd like, most of us can't escape it, 
no matter where you go. Trust me, I've tried.  Hawaii is no different.

Here's Ford getting ready for a little session.

Ford getting tubed.

And finishing up with a nice carve.

We saw Ford surfing (and getting fun ones) everyday that the people we were suppose to be filming, said was too small and not worth it. 

Moysa.  Must be nice to get tubed everywhere you go.
Not Newport but that's a nice punt for about one foot of water under him.
Did I mention, I personally, love Hawaii!
Moysa, gaffing the golden.
Ford, golden blow out.

Ronny, waiting in shock for my water dino to grow!

Dinner on P street with Newport's Moysa, Punker Pat,
 and some guy named Slater.
The celebration was for Mai's birthday, Mister Benji's fiancee. 

Punker told taught us how to play crochet and told hilarious stories, 
but not enough for Pat O'Connell to turn around.
Kalani Robb however, is mildly amused.
Don't worry, he's just sleeping.

Droid was there too, looks like everyone asking him when he was going to Hawaii made him book his ticket early.  That's Beandip too, in the right corner, loving his crab-artichoke dip.

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