October 25, 2010

Night of The Undead @ Tiki Bar

Out of all the parties we've thrown with Arnette recently, this one might have taken the cake as public drunkenness took on an all-time high. Fueled by the anonymity of Undead costumes, the full moon and 3 rocking bands, the party goers went mad. There were numerous spills and chills as people slipped and fell on the dance floor and got lost in our homemade dead tree forest. Big winner Tim Burnham was the only person who actually made the hardest pumpkin toss into our demon face wood cut out winning a pair of Arnette's new shades: The Firedrill.

More photos to come, I actually just stole these off of facebook, so thank you to Lacy and Kiki for that :)

Wild eyed.

Dead Squad.

Big sunglass winner, made it home with only an empty box.

Those Swedes look nice dead.


Sticky. Turbo.

Bloody Hi-5.

Snakebit Drifters!

Animal love.

Lemme get a moment of rest.

Captain and Beandip.

Check back soon for photos and video of the night!
Thanks to Tiki Bar and Arnette!

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