March 12, 2011

Little D finds his spot amongst Snakebit Drifters & Tequilas.

If you stop by the Cannery in Newport Beach, be sure to ask Charlie Hustle or any bartender about the Shorescrew Peligroso drink. It's sure enough to send you home in a cab :) Delicious never mixed so well with Deadly.

Besides just being Little D, the mini muscle man has been flaring in the water lately and now even has his own page of stuff.

LittleD spins have been reported all along the beaches.

Little D allows the question mark sticker to help him question himself.
Check more shots by Thomas Green here.

Snakebit Drifter's killed their La Cave show.
How does one prepare for a rock n roll show in a cave?

Why, with shots of delicious Silver Peligroso of course!

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