April 22, 2008

Spring Break 'O8!!

Spring Break is still in full effect. That Cabo place is like no other. From the second we stepped off the plane and enjoyed mexico's finest on the way to our two story time share, we knew people were spring breaking themselves all over. It definitely helps to have a connection like the longboarder that won the U.S. Open of Surfing presented by Honda and the U.S. Bank of America at the Huntington Beach Pier (or whatever the fuck they call the U.S. Open). Video highlight coming in a ShoresCrew minute...

OC VZ rep Huggy-Bear Hugron pulls chicks with his purple 'cuzzie

Fact: Chicks dig lifeguards from The OC

Fact: 18 is the legal age in Mexico

Fact: He didn't sterilize his mouth after this particular night

Booze cruizin' is way better with Pepto Bismals

The arch is pretty spectactular

Chicks just can't seem to get enough of kitesurfers these days

Think hard retard

Even without his 'cuzzie, the ladies just can't get enough

Make that a double shot of E-Z Off please

Hugron is scared because he just saw where that bottle's been

...and one for the little man

Sr. Oro diga "El queso esta viejo. ?Donde esta el bano?"

Cabo brings out the best in people

Or it brings out what you just put down

Don't be scared. It's only Grant.

There...now isn't that better?

I guess not

That should cure you

Fine. Just pray and go to sleep.

Alex know how to give mouth to mouth

You give two breaths after 30 compressions according to Red Cross

Sometimes to find the proper CPR hand placement, shirts must be removed

Staying hydrated is key to survival

Grunt protects his goods

Pools with bridges are cool

Look at all those funny faces

Sandy boobs are rad

So are sunsets from balconies

This chick can rock her body like a cyclone

Throw your arms in the air...

Just having a zippy do dah day

It's like watching kooks down at L street

Craggly little peaks

Gittin' summ at lovers

Line 'em up

Spring Break!! Balls in your Face!!

Probably why people don't rob banks wearing dive masks. Just not that intimidating

Seriously. Why do these fucking echinoderms suck so bad. Their brethren are all pretty rad.

Flying kites was cool in like 3rd grade

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