April 13, 2008

Valient returns to Newport

Hod fell on his face the other day.
He was riding a hand-brake bike and thinks he accidently knocked the handle bars sideways while reaching for the brake. He woke up in the hospital. Then woke up in his room with hospital papers... no recollection about how he got home and whether the hospital was a dream or not.
Valient Thorr came by the compound the other day. Here Benny makes a sweet confused face while Sticky drinks a sweet beer.
They got new vests.
Benny's vest.
Valient Thorr.
They painted a new thorr piece.Almost finished product
Herbie's new boots!
Vest lineup.
On set for Fuel's new tv show: Check 1, 2.
Valient Thorr put on a secret show for the filming.
The private affair went down at Volcom's boatyard.

Power circle with snowboard legend Jamie Lynn who jammed out a song with Valient.

Sticky poached the footage.
Valient on screen.

Jame Lynn's vest. It was suppose to be for Wooly, but I doubt they'll get that back.
Herbie and Jamie Lynn.
In between Buds.
Courtney looks on.
Happy birthday to Joe!


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