October 12, 2008

Newport gets sorta good....

Combo swells are nice for Newport.  

Joe Alani (we think) boosting from farr away.

Benji Weatherly came up and slashed in the sun.

Benji with a nice lil lien.
Andrew Doheny impressing the wee little kids on the beach.

Doheny grabbing.
Doheny kicking it from afar.

Front-lit Doheny blaster.

Mike Estrada test-driving.

Ford double time.

Ford driving deep.

Random kick.

Hoyer breaks things.

Hoyer before the break.  Knock-knees.

Alani again from long distance.

Nicoli getting a good one.


Punker Pat lifting.

Punker got his share of good ones.

Weirdo Slash.

Randal doing the usual.

Creepy stance.  Skip?  This was a lucky one.

Todd Kline, channeling.

Spring Break Spencer laying it down.

Spencer standing.


Ted Navarro Shred.




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