October 15, 2008

Newport's second good day

Slighty offshore to fuck up your airs, but tubing enough to go over the falls for.

Beandip breaking things in more than one place.

Benji claiming Quirk's backwash explosion.

Benji boosting.

Benji's backside carver.

Benji really excited about someone's tube.

Benji, portrait of a happy man.
Benji's layback tube.  This thing went all the way across the jetty.

Benji ducking into a right.

Brillo in the sunrise.

Doheny doing the usual.

Doheny's whip.

Doheny being confused.

Duddy hacking.

Ford tube.

Ford can go both ways.


Punker about to shoot through.

Hoyer boosting into the flats.

Hoyer got his share of rights by 56th.

Hoyer again with a clean one.

Joe Alani got a sick one.




Nick Fowler hoping.

Nick got a few early morning ones.


Nicoli again with a rainbow for luck.

Punker Pat.

Punker again.

Quirk lifting backside.

Quirk found ramps all over the place.

Quirk found tubes too.

Quirk split this one with Punker and might have gotten the better deal.

Randal, glory holing.

Todd Kline got spit outta this one.

Tyler ducked just enough.

Victor Dome-piece.

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