March 11, 2009

Holy Crap

I hate being sick, but I'd rather be sick than the driver of this red Ferrari. I left work early since I kept blowing neon green slime out of every orifice of my body. En route to 405 on Jamboree I passed this mess. "Holy Crap" were the only words I could mutter between filling tissues with the neon ooze. I snapped these photos while CSI told me to go away. Don't know the outcome of the driver, but I hope them to be okay.

Just as I posted this, resident mammoth mountain man Captain sent me this link.

That's the back half of the Ferrari

And there's the front

There was no sign of the car seats anywhere

If you can zoom, check the red stuff on the street light

Holy Crap


  1. This is the crash of the owner of Tapout fight gear, the article is here: .