September 24, 2009

Semi Sweet EP Release Party

We enjoyed a lovely evening at The Detroit Bar for the release of Semi Sweet's new self-titled EP. Notable high-lights include ex-girlfriends being carried out kicking and punching by bouncers, Atwater's support and general gusto for the good life and Arnette, hooking the girls up with glasses and giving me a banner to hang, which turned out to be 40 feet long. Anyway, thanks to Semi Sweet for letting us be involved, even if Captain missed his only job of the night because he just had to have one more Jack n Coke.

Bang em. We did.

Oh, another bar....

The opening band, Links.

Romantic dancing.


Another band played before Semi Sweet, a two piece girl band who rocked. They looked alike too, which is nice.


Little Weed, Matt O'brien.

Another night at the bottom.

Yoches and Ratty.

Telling Emily it will all be okay.

Drink poach.

DJ Bob getting all house'd.

Semi Sweet in action.


Dance pants.

Spides, loving life.

I believe it's pronounced "Chee Hooo."

Stripes and such.




DJ Bob

Semi Sweet crowd.

Sticky and Nolan with his new pose.

Close your eyes.

It's almost over.

Until next time...

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