September 14, 2009

Sweaty Hot Nights

We went to ASR this year after our no-show last year. While the actual show was still small and kind of dead we did get to see the Goons of Doom play and watch Ry Craike's new movie at the Bondi Bar. A fitting place as we were accompanied by our Australian cohorts, the winners of Stab's Little Weeds contest.

Goons of Doom.

Chippa Wilson and some RockStar girls.

Ian Walsh was there as was Banana Rama Moysa.

Jack Morrissey, Chris Cote and a bunch of other weirdos were also there.

Moysa and a golden glass.

Cote and MOB.

Someone set Alan loose on San Diego.

Matt went behind the counter and took a drink order. When he innocently asked the bartender how to make it he was ejected from serving.

Yellow Jacket.



Uh oh....


Riley, time of his life!

Matt, also time of his life.....

Matt insisted on his face being licked!

Justin "just one more interview" Cote and Heather.

Chippa getting harassed.

Apparently it was very hot in there.

Nolan and friends.


Deep thought.



Somebody got a shot.

Alan, wow.

Quirk was also there....

This guy had quite the dread tail.

Being nice to Matt.

Matt got ahold of a big one!

Cote and the flash poach.

No no.

No no no no.

Wade and friend.

Going home the train stopped.

When we tried to get through it starting moving. It almost took Chippa to Mexico.

"The best photo i've ever taken" ............. ah nighttime thinking.

Little Weeds, home safe.

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