December 22, 2007

Ah-mazing Ah-frican Ah-ventures

That title my friends is an example of alliteration. If you don't know what that means, then look it up or something...Anywho, I'm sweating out what I put in me last night at WaveHouse down in Durban, South Africa. They actually have wireless internet in this crazy place. Along with the wonders of the net, every house comes equipped with electric fences to keep the animals out. I'm very curious as to the strength of these buzzing wires and Laz has reassured me that I shouldn't die from grabbing it. I'll report back soon...

PB from above

Amping in Senegal after 22 hours

Laz likes Senegal a lot

The sign says it all

Yummy yummy breakfast in the airport after 38 hours of travelling

Yummy yummy girls after 39 hours of travelling

Grifbox giving Rachelle what she deserves

Downtown Durbs

Something about accents and champagne

This has more to do with the champagne

Goldfish is quite an interesting band

Brent has a horrible driving record, but we don't have a car

These peeps in front mean serious business

Early morning/late night in Durbs

WQS campaigner Warwick Wright and his doll Carmen get blurry with Laz

This guy came to our country for 45 minutes before getting departed

This here is DJ Funky...Indians with SA accents are funky

Broadwyn took over Funky's booth and would only play Motley Crue

Seems like everywhere you go, people sleep in the clubs

We're gonna house sit this place soon

Laz and Gold with tennis star Roger Federer

Ex-Ms. WaveHouse Durban Jolene shows her winning mug

Models posing away

This madman kept topping off everyone's drink with his bottle of Jack...MAYDAY

Pretty peeps in a pretty place

Porpoise likes throwing shakas at the Suncoast Casino

Jolene showing off one of her many talents


Refill for Ms. WaveHouse


  1. Holy crap gold! looks like a kickass time hahah.

  2. this place is pretty kickass...just really humid when the sun starts beating down...