December 29, 2007

So you can't really go to Africa without seeing some wildlife, although life is pretty wild in the streets of Durban I've come to find. Kinda like the dodgiest part of TJ, but a lot lot worse. People get mugged for their crappy cellphones, babies get snatched, and virgins get sacraficed...all in a days work for the thugs around here...

Alan Laz was our trusty game guide..."Just keep the Peroni's flowing and I'll find the game"

My first sighting of wild animals in the bush

Probably my favorite animals in this crazy land. They just laze around all day.

These hippos kill more people than any other animal around...sneaky bastards

Silly little cat was just playing in the middle of the road

Then it let out a little meow and we realized it wasn't playing

I guess that means elephants crossing

The guy in the truck lives in this place and he wasn't about to budge for no elephant

I budged in my pants when this elephant charged us

Crazy striped horse

These things are so pre-historic looking its unbelievable...I'm now a believer

Pumba from the Lion King has an entourage

Toys R' Us spokesmodels

Pretty cheetah with pretty cubs

Such cute little furballs

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