December 5, 2007

LumberJack Party

Megan Moss celebrated her birthday with a bunch of lumberjacks. Usually it takes two weeks plus shipping and handling to get a box of mountain men into Newport but her friend Lynn knows someone in the business.Mountain men.
I believe this is the "Yes we're drinking Hod, but please stop slapping me" grab.
Although falling a tree is second nature, grizzly men often have trouble with the famed "cheerleader tower."
break dancing.
Lumber face.
Mountain attire.
These lumberjacks are from France.
Although they have no knowledge of redwoods, their skills with chopping the baguette are deft.
"No, we don't stay warm by hugging..."
If you were a butterfly, so happy to see you!
Mountain Man Monthly photoshoot.
Mountain -out!

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