May 22, 2008

Beaches Beers and Bikes

So it was a VERY hot weekend a few days back, and we took full advantage. Boozing on the beach at 11th by day, massive bike missions and more boozing by night. Heres some random shots:

The Smith camp at 11th
The Beers are hiding =]
Bacci Ball

And I was like Woah thats gnarly!

Spruth make you pretty face!
And so begins the Tatoo Night
Tramp Stamps!
Orlando Bloom on the forearm! Muhaha!

PigletIs in my pants eating a strawberry!

The Beer Stands Alone...
Bring on The Bikes!
Grab Some Tallboys!
Drink 'em at Scoolyards!
Open The Shutter

Finish the tallboys!

Ride in circles!

Rally to The Alley!

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