May 22, 2008

Rockin Out At Malarkies!

After the lakers won, some pitchers, and a few games of trivia We ventured over to Malarkies Pub for a not-so-typical Wednesday Night Rockfest. Nothin like watchin your friends play some rock n roll and boozing your ass off. Observe:

"Semi Sweet"
And Their Fans
Sticky and Nancy
Big Noon!
Drinky Drinkey
Gregs Amazing Wonder Drink!
Josh and Mary
Vanester Giving Orders
Hi Palm!
Ben, best bartender ever!
Bring on "Fillups Union"!
There is a hole in your jeans!!!
Pole Dancing
Morgan Rockin Out
Spring Break Spencer and His Pal Barnicle
Air Guitar Ensemble
Everybody Rock Out!

Hill, show us your metal face!
Now be a bully!

Head Bangin
Darrel Skankin Around
Take a Bow
Emo Hair?
Goodnight Newport!
Kast, Dean, Spides
Quick Look Surprised!
Boobs Make Me happy!
She forgave me...
Close Up!
Extreme Close Up!!!!!!!

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