June 11, 2010

Analog's Donut Thursdays are back on!

If you don't know, now you know....

Analog's Donut Thursdays. Stoking out peeps with FREE coffee and donuts, every THURS at 54th st.

Hoyer stoking this guy out by showing him a tube ride.

Couple clean sets this morning, despite the South wind.

The weather was ugly.

Beandip's fin bruise.

Lamenzo's arms.

Spencer might have a rough landing ahead.

Moysa super stoked on Dane's Dumpster Diver.

Seemed like it went alright for him too.

PJ Raia, Analog's new eastsider, surveying the scene.

PJ throwing down a lil carve.

Hoyer going over this section.

Larry Layback.

Hoyer towards the beach.

Hoyer's tail extension.

Teddy Navarro lining up.

PJ carving.

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