June 2, 2010

Traveling is fun. We here at ShoresCrew don't really know because we don't travel all that much. NOT. We're lucky enough to get to go all over the place doing fun things. It helps to do those fun things with fun people that are from that fun place. That's why when a buddy from Chile told me that a couple of his friends were coming out to compete in the flowboarding portion of The Alt Games, which airs on CBS College Sports on June 19th at 2pm, I went out of my way to show them a good time. Okay, I guess it wasn't really that far out of the way for me at all. I got to practice my spanish and they got to practice their english. They figured out the train system in Ventura, inspected the Vans skate park with Bucky Lasek, got a tour of LA, checked out the pecking order at lowers, and got to meet the infamous California girls. They came, they saw, they conquered. Check out Gerardo Joannon's Kaya Unite clothing line and for all things snowboarding in Chile go to Federico Mekis' ChileSnowboard.com

Gerardo amped to see the Sun Diego Pro/AM skate comp

Andy Finch and Holly Beck webcasting at Wave House for The Alt Games

Chilean Amigos

Chilean sandwich with TMac and reigning flowboarding world champion Wes Fischer

Federico with a Beakerish mute 180

Gerardo slashed his way to 2nd place in the consolation bracket

Another Chilean sandwich with WH's Bob and Aaron

Road trippin'

Digging Federico's iriee stylee

Lowers is never crowded. Just ask the 30 people that are out there.


If the feds see this they'll never be allowed back in our country

Home sweet home

A blurry Bucky Lasek

A sweaty Bucky

The Vans Skate Park is beyond anythink they got in Chile

Just a few boards in the racks

A typical Chilean ride

Sunset Strip cruisin'

Federico needs all the help he can get

Care caballo (that's horse face for those non-spanish speaking folks) liking el torro

The eyes don't lie

That's a care caballo

Late-nite snacks

Big pimping with cousin Seth in Beverly Hills

Patagonia office in Ventura

They mean business up there in Ventura

Chile is still hurting from that quake and tsunami they had a lil while back

Making buds on the train

More train buds

Make the right friends and you can do whatever you want on those trains

A lil elph vid of Bucky doing his thing in the Combi pool

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