June 16, 2010

The Matsters 2010

The Matsters went down at our local course.
And while I didn't capture the many many teams, all vying for 1st,
I did have a fun time wandering the course.

Like a far off lonely boom box, the matsters will whisper to you...

join us it will say, join us for fun at the Freedom Artist tent...

Captain enjoying the course.

Freedom Artist tent.

Nice FreedomArtistGirls.

Spin to win.

Get your dirty balls washed!

Clean balls equal all smiles!

With work done, time for some swings she thought.

Blake shows her how it's done.

Look at that form!

Florian gets the disaster swing.

The path.

Coleen can't resist!

Leaving you, is Florian's hangnail.

Congrats to whoever won, 11 under par? niceeeee....

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